The design concept for this boutique hotel, called "Old Caulfield," is derived from J.D. Salinger's novel, Catcher in the Rye. The design's aim is for visitors to question their status as insider or outsider. It further explores alienation, teenage rebellion and phoniness. The facade of the building is recreated in resin and inserted into the space at an angle creating a double height atrium. Fake materials are juxtaposed with real materials. Ceiling panels on the second floor conjure up city windows upside down. The project also includes resovling the location of the elevator and creating a communicating staircase which runs up the middle of the inserted facade further causing visitors to question their status as insider or outsider. The hotel courtyard hosts a board-formed concrete pavilion providing an interior space on the outside. Custom and commercial textiles used throughout including custom carpet tiles based on a prep school tie, "hunting-cap" plaid on back of lobby chairs and corduroy and plaid used in the bar.